Add Fuel Efficiency
Increase Safety
Extend Tire Life
Cut Maintenance
Enhance Performance
Decrease Downtime
Reduce Emissions
The Intelligent Monitor is mounted in-cab, displays tire pressure readings, and gives fleets the capability to read a tractor and up to 3 trailers simultaneously, allowing a total of 64 tire positions. The Intelligent Repeater is installed directly onto a trailer and hooks into the trailer’s power (ABS) line, allowing communication of the trailer’s sensors with the monitor located inside the tractor. When the tractor and trailer are tethered, the Monitor in the tractor picks up the sensor identification, tire pressures and tire positions on the trailer from the Intelligent Repeater. When the trailer is unhooked and there is no communication for 20 seconds, the Monitor in the tractor forgets that trailer and is open to look for another trailer. When a trailer with an Intelligent Repeater is introduced at hook-up, the Monitor recognizes the Repeater and accepts its information.

DBK’s fully integrated GPS/TPMS solution is our premier product offering since it gives fleet managers the ability to monitor in “real time” their entire fleet, including all engaged and disengaged trailers, through our state-of the-art telematics system. Communication between the Intelligent Repeater and the Monitor is over the J2497 tractor/trailer PLC data link, on Pin 7 of the J560 power connector. The Intelligent Monitor contains proprietary bridging technology and communicates data from the J2497 network to the J1708/J1587 network that feeds information to the truck’s GPS/GPRS/GSM/Wi-Fi and/or telematics devices.

Fleet managers will know at all times the current tire pressure readings of each truck in the entire fleet, including all tire pressure alerts in “real time” that are sent from each tire position. The GPS system, via a web-based portal, will continuously display the tire pressure on all trucks and trailers. The first alert occurs when pressure drops by more than 12.5%. A second, more urgent alert, at a 25% drop. A variable high pressure alert comes in at your determined threshold. Monthly reporting of all tire historical data will also be tracked by our system and provided to Fleet Operations as needed.

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