In the U.S., commercial motor vehicle carriers must comply with CFR 49, Section 395 – Commercial Drivers Hours of Service. It specifically outlines a compliant device.

EOBR 2012 goes into effect on June 4, 2012. It states that motor carriers that have demonstrated serious noncompliance with the D.O.T. Hours of Service rules will be subject to mandatory installation of Electronic On-Board Recording (EOBR’s) devices that meet the new performance standards for such devices. If FMCSA determines, based on HOS records reviewed during a compliance review, that a motor carrier has a 10 percent or greater violation rate for any HOS regulation, FMCSA will issue the carrier an EOBR remedial directive.

The motor carrier will then be required to install EOBRs in all of its CMVs regardless of their date of manufacture and use the devices for HOS recordkeeping for a period of 2 years, unless the carrier (i) already equipped its vehicles with automatic on-board recording devices prior to the finding, and (ii) demonstrates to FMCSA that its drivers understand how to use the devices.


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